26 Mar MISU guest seminar | Alan Robock
26 Mar MISU Discussion seminar | Roman Bardakov
26 Mar Town Hall Meeting for Arctic enthusiasts
27 Mar Bolin Centre seminar series | RA3
27 Mar FLOW seminar | Yasuyuki Takata
27 Mar Bolin Guest seminar | Writing Science
2 Apr ACES seminar | Kevin Noone
4 Apr MISU guest seminar | Nicholas Lutsko
9 Apr Zootis seminar | Göran Arnqvist
10 Apr Baltic Breakfast | Strandskydd
16 Apr MISU research seminar | Tongmei Wang
24 Apr ZOOTIS docent lecture | Christopher W. Wheat
30 Apr MISU guest seminar | James Annan
30 Apr ACES seminar | Yvette Gramlich
Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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