Steering Committee

Atte Korhola, atte.korhola[at] University of Helsinki 
Nina Kirchner, nina.kirchner[at] Stockholm University
Steering Committee  
Britta Sannel, britta.sannel[at], Chair of Steering Committee Stockholm University
Frederik Schenk, frederik.schenk[at] Stockholm University
Gustaf Hugelius, gustaf.hugelius[at] Stockholm University
Hanna Lappalainen, hanna.k.lappalainen[at], co-chair of Steering Committee University of Helsinki
Kai Kokko, kai.kokko[at] University of Helsinki
Kerstin Lidén, kerstin.liden[at] Stockholm University
Miska Luoto, miska.luoto[at] University of Helsinki
Sanna Piilo, sanna.piilo[at] University of Helsinki
Project managers  
Annika Granebeck, annika.granebeck[at] Stockholm University
Kaarina Weckström, kaarina.weckstrom[at] University of Helsinki


Board minutes

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