Welcome to the Bolin Days 2013


Downloadable programme and information (updated November 19)



The Bolin Centre for Climate Research warmly invites you to the annual Bolin Days with interesting scientific discussions and a friendly get together.

November 20

De Geer room and foyer, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

09.00–09.15 | Welcome to the Bolin Days
09.15–11.00 | Oceans-atmosphere dynamics and climate
    09.15 Welcome to RA1 – Rodrigo Caballero
09.20 Micro-scale processes in turbulent environments: Plankton and cloud – Luca Barndt
09.35 Mixing by tides – A key process controlling the deep ocean circulation – Jonas Nycandar
09.50 The role of ocean mixing in initiating glaciations – Agatha de Boer
10.05 Arctic climate change in SMHI´s regional and global climate models – Torben Koenig
10.20 Reconstructing pre-LGM ice sheets – Johan Kleman
10.35 The large scale atmospheric circulation during the last glacial cycle – Marcus Löferström
10.50 Summary and discussion
11.00–11.15 | Fika
11.15–12.50 | Clouds, aerosols, turbulence and climate
    11.15 Welcome to RA2 – Ilona Riipinen
11.25 First results of the Stockholm aerosol optical closure study – Peggy Achtert
11.40 Developing a new turbulence model for the stable boundary layer – Werner Lazeroms
11.55 Is “downsizing” of atmospheric marine gels possible?
– Implications for nucleation and cloud droplet activation – Caroline Leck
12.10 Aerosol particle number concentrations over Europe – Today and in the future – Lars Ahlm
12.25 Summer precipitation variability and extremes in the Alp region
– Results from a cloud resolving model – Petter Lind
12.40 Summary and discussion
12.50–13.50 | Lunch
13.50–15.30 | Water and climate
    13.50 Welcome to RA3 – Jerker Jarsjö
13.55 Hydrology and ecosystems in a periglacial catchment – Emma Bosson
14.10 Characteristics of extremes for convective and stratiform precipitation – Peter Berg
14.25 Permafrost dynamics in a subarctic peat plateau, northern Sweden – Britta Sannel
14.40 Water on land in global climate projections – Arvid Bring
14.55 An introduction to metamorphic fluid and CO2 fluxes – Alexander Lewerentz
15.10 High fluxes of CO2 in Earth’s crust – Barbara Kleine
15.25 Sparkling water and carbon mineralization
– A method for CO2 sequestration in Iceland – Gabrielle Stockmann
15.40 Summary and discussion
15.50 onwards
| Posters and refreshments
November 21

De Geer room (to 14.45), Nordenskiöld room (from 14.45) and U1 (from 18.30), Geoscience building, Stockholm University

09.00–10.30 | Biogeochemical cycles and climate 
    09.00 Welcome to RA4 – Volker Brüchert
09.05 Modelling the impact of changing climate on biogeochemical cycles in the Baltic Sea and
Laptev Sea/Arctic Ocean – Markus Meier
09.30 Modelling the effects of climate variability on the terrestrial carbon balance – Christian Beer
09.55 Energy controls on methane bubbling from high latitude lakes – Brett Thornton
10.20 Summary and discussion
10.30–10.45 | Fika
10.45–12.30 | Historical to millennial climate variability
    10.45 Welcome to RA5 – Qiong Zhang
10.50 Climate response and interpretations from three Greek treeing chronologies – Paul J. Krusic
11.05 A novel approach to paleorecords of mineral dust deposition:
The Holocene record at Store Mosse, Sweden – Malin Kylander
11.20 The Greenland ice sheet during the Eemian and sea level changes – Margareta Hansson
11.35 Reconstruction of late Quaternary vegetation dynamics and hydrology in the Drakensberg, South Africa – Elin Norström
11.50 The enigmatic mid-Holocene climate transition:
Driven by a collapse of Saharan vegetation? – Francesco Muschitiello
12.05 Regional climate model simulations for Europe at 6k and 0.2k years BP:
Sensitivity to changes in anthropogenic deforestation – Gustav Sandberg
12.20 Summary and discussion
12.30–13.30 | Lunch
13.30–14.45 | Orbital to tectonic climate variability

13.30 Welcome to RA6 – Helen Coxall
13.35 Optimizing stratigraphic and chronologic models in deep-time paleoclimate marine records: Core alignment and composite depth scale for the lower Paleogene at DSDP Site 577 (Shatsky Rise) – Jan Backman
13.50 Eastern Equatorial Pacific paleoceanography during the last 8 Myr:
A step towards untangling proxy signals from bulk sediment carbon and oxygen stable isotopes – Daniele Reghellin
14.05 What happened to the Southern Hemisphere westerly winds during glacial intervals? – Robert Graham
14.20 Improving paleosimulations of Ice Sheet/Ice Stream/Ice Shelf Systems: The development of a Fast Full Stokes numerical ice code, and first applications – Josefin Ahlkrona
14.35 Summary and discussion

14.45–15.00 | Fika
Please note the change of room to Nordenskiöld room, and please be on time for the next talk.
15.00–16.00 | Science Popularization – Karin Bojs
Nordenskiöld room
16.00–16.30 | Overlapping research at KTH and the Bolin Centre – Dan Henningson
16.30–17.00 | Overlapping research at SMHI and the Bolin Centre – Ralf Döscher
17.00 | Closing remarks
17.30 | Refreshments and posters
Outside Nordenskiöld room in the Geoscience building
| Dinner and Geopub with live music
At U1 in the Geoscience building
• Please register no later than 10 November

• The research area leaders will organise the presentations within their research fields.
Please contact them for information

• You are welcome to bring a poster.
PhD students are particularly welcome and the author(s) of the best PhD poster will receive SEK 20 000 in research money.

• If you have any questions, please contact Karin Jonsell, scientific coordinator – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you are not a member of the Bolin Centre and want to join us,
you are most welcome!
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