Welcome to the Bolin Days 2015

You are all welcome to this year’s Bolin Days 18-19 November
We can look forward to a very interesting programme and lots of nice socializing!

The programme includes presentations from all Bolin Centre research areas and the EkoKlim collaboration addressing climate effects on biodiversity, essential ecosystem services and their management and governance. There will be an extended poster session with oral presentations and also a poster competition for the PhD student contributions. The prize is SEK 20 000 in research money! The dinner will include very nice food, live music and dance.

Downloadable programme and information

If you are interested in Climate and the Earth Sciences, you are most welcome to the Bolin Days, whether you are a member of the Centre or not. If you would like to join the centre or get more information, visit Join the Bolin Centre. The research area leaders will organize the presentations within their research fields.

Deadline: 16 November

Please register to the Bolin Days


Poster session
Posters from any registered participant are encouraged and most welcome

There will be an oral poster presentation session as well as a poster viewing session with refreshments
The presentations are limited to 2 minutes
There will be a PhD student poster competition with a prize of SEK 20 000 in research money
The poster title must be registered at the Bolin Days registration form
If you have registered already but change your mind and want to bring a poster, please register again
The posters should be hanged in room Y23 and the De Geer foyer, which is open from 8.30 on the 18 November
The posters should be removed before 18.30 on the 19 November, or they will meet the recycling bin

PhD-Poster competition rules
The poster title should be registered at the Bolin Days registration form

The PhD student(s) should be the poster designer(s)
The list of authors should start with the PhD student(s)
The PhD student(s) should do the oral poster presentation
The PhD student(s) should stand by the poster at the poster competition viewing on 18 November from 15.30 and explain their findings to the audience
If there are several PhD students involved in a winning poster, they share the prize
The winner is elected by the registered attendants of the Bolin Days at the poster viewing 18 November
The winner is announced at the Bolin Days dinner 19 November and later on at the Bolin web page

The External Science Advisory Group visit the Bolin Days
The Bolin Centre External Science Advisory Group (ESAG) will visit the Bolin Days to enjoy the presentations, participate in the social events and finally give some advice to the Bolin Centre.

Interesting seminar before the Bolin Days
Professor Will Steffen will give a talk titled The Anthropocene: Where on Earth are we going? scheduled for 13.00 Tuesday 17 November at Nordenskiöld room, Geoscience building.

Wednesday, November 18

De Geer room, De Geer foyer, Y20 and Y23, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

09.00–09.15 | Welcome to the Bolin Days Alasdair Skelton & Leonard Barrie 
09.15–10.30 | RA 3: Hydrosphere, Cryosphere and Climate      
Chair: Magnus Mörth 
    Introduction to RA3  Margareta Hansson
    On the use of photographs in cryospheric researc  Per Holmlund

Risk Identification Methods to reduce the vulnerability of transport infrastructure in
Sweden to extreme weather events 

Zahra Kalantari
    Climate driven change in butterfly first flight  Carmen Prieto
10.30–11.00 | Fika & poster preview  
11.00–12.15 | RA 1: Oceans-atmosphere dynamics and climate Chair: Johan Nilsson 
    Introduction to RA1  Johan Nilsson
    Inter-hemispheric coupling in the middle atmosphere Bodil Karlsson
    Global atmospheric circulation and extremes Nili Harnik
    Tuning and validation of climate models and earth system models Ralf Döscher
    Climate response to mid-Holocene Green Sahara in EC-Earth simulations Qiong Zhang
    Climate change viewed in the hyrothermohaline framework Kristofer Döös
    Wetland development to reduce climate risks in Africa  Steve Lyon
12.15–13.15 | Lunch with sandwiches  
13.15–14.30 | RA2: Clouds, aerosols, turbulence and climate   Chairs: Ilona Riipinen & Annica Ekman 
    Introduction to RA2 Ilona Riipinen & Annica Ekman
    Cloud and aerosol characterization during CAEsAR 2014  Paul Zieger
    Observation and characterization of thin clouds in the tropical middle troposphere Quentin Bourgeois
    Quantum mechanics based new particle formation in large scale modeling  Tinja Olenius
    Monsoonal clouds over the Indian subcontinent: importance in the climate system and current space borne observation capabilities Abhay Devasthale
14.30–15.30 | Poster presentations  
15.30–16.30 | Poster competition, refreshments & Bolin Centre give-aways  

Screening and discussion of the film »This Changes Everything«
Film based on a book by Naomi Klein. See trailer 

Thursday, November 19

De Geer room, De Geer foyer, Y20, Y23 and the Geopub at U1, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

09.00–10.15 | RA 6: Orbital to tectonic climate variability 
Chair: Helen Coxall 
    Introduction to RA6  Nina Kirchner
    Arsenic stress after the Proterozoic glaciations  Ernest Chi Fru

The role of CO2 in Eocene-Oligocene climate change – insights from a terrestrial plant record

Margret Steinthorsdottir

Timing of past glaciations across Central Asia 

Robin Blomdin

The leapfrogging behavior of marine based ice sheets – new insights from the Petermann
Expedition 2015 with icebreaker Oden to northeastern Greenland 

Martin Jakobsson
10.15–10.45 | Fika  
10.45–12.00 | RA 4: Biogeochemical cycles and climate Chair: Christian Beer 
    Introduction to RA4  Volker Brüchert
    Cold, wet and old: how we count the huge stocks of carbon stored in northern soils  Gustaf Hugelius
    Carbon stock and carbon turnover of boreal and temperate forests  Martin Thurner
    From ice-covered plains to rusty rivers: isotopic insights from the Lena River spring flood  Catherine Hirst
    Where does all the carbon go? Microbial studies on the Siberian shelf and slope  Volker Brüchert
12.00–13.00 | Lunch with sandwiches  
13.00–14.15 | RA 5: Historical to millennial climate variability Chair: Malin Kylander
    Introduction to RA5  Malin Kylander
    Estimating Arctic amplification using ratios  Alistair Hind
    Major cooling intersecting peak Eemian interglacial warmth in northern Europe  Karin Helmens

North Atlantic hydro-climate response to Fennoscandian freshwater forcing at the onset of the Younger Dryas 

Francesco Muschitiello
    On the enigmatic similarity in Greenland d18O between the Oldest and Younger Dryas  Francesco S.F. Pausata
    Warmer summers during the Younger Dryas cold period  Frederik Schenk
14.15–14.45 | Fika  
14.45–16.45 | Climate Research School session Chair: Björn Gunnarson 
    Introduction to the Climate Research School  Björn Gunnarson
    The PhD conference on Askö Laboratory  Marin Stanev
    Application of laser scanning data for improving streamflow monitoring  Norris Lam
    Sahelian-Sudan moisture sources from Lagrangian and Eulerian models  Abubakr Salih
    In situ toxicity testing using a nerite gastropod  Maria Bighiu
    Are methane emissions from northern lakes hidden in wetland estimates?  Martin Wik
16.45 | Closing remarks  
17.00 | Refreshments  
| Dinner, presentation of poster competition winner and Geopub with live music at U1 in the Geoscience building, Stockholm University


If you are not a member of the Bolin Centre and want to join us, you are most welcome!
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