The Bolin Centre for Climate Research invites you to the Bolin Days and the launch of the new Centre!

This is the launch of the new Bolin Centre for Climate Research after the merge of former EkoKlim and the Bolin Centre! Come and listen to interesting talks, enjoy discussions over fika, celebrate Tarfala research station 70 years, hear the latest about ICOS, attend the SWERUS photo exhibition, view interesting posters, jugde in the PhD poster competition, talk with the database team, involve yourself in the mentoring programme, rack your brain with puzzles and equip yourself with Bolin Centre give-aways. End the Bolin Days by letting your hair down at the Ceilidh dance after the relaxed conference dinner. There are also excellent opportunities to interact with the Bolin Centre External Science Advisory Group during the Bolin Days.

Downloadable programme and information (updadet November 14 at 20h30)



Tuesday, November 15

Nordenskiöld room and foyer, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

14.00–14.05 | Welcome to the Bolin Day Special Sessions
Alasdair Skelton &
Nina Kirchner
14.05–15.05 | Bolin Centre at the Zoology Department
Introduction to Bolin Centre at the Zoology Department

Chair: Karl Gotthard
Karl Gotthard

    • Fågelkalendern; using citizen science to study bird phenology

Cecilia Kullberg

    • Timing of diapause termination in varying winter climate

Philipp Lehmann

    • 230 years of land use and climate change: Can recolonizing apex predators reclaim their ecosystem function?

Marianne Pasanen Mortensen

    • Consequences of past climate change on animal demography

Love Dalén

15.05–15.15   Leg stretcher  
15.15–16.30 | Celebration of Tarfala Research Station 70 year
Chair: Nina Kirchner
    • Developing an Arctic infrastructure – Tarfala Research Station Gunhild Rosqvist
    • Autonomous bathymetric mapping of Lake Tarfala Jakob Kuttenkeuler
    • Tarfala: Cryo-stories and other histories Sverker Sörlin
    • SITES – a research infrastructure for ecosystem science Anders Lindroth
16.30 | Celebration Cake and Mingle
with Tarfala slide show


Wednesday, November 16

De Geer room and foyer, Y20, Y21 and Y23, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

09.00–09.15 | Welcome to the Bolin Days
Alasdair Skelton &
Nina Kirchner
09.15–10.15 | Oceans-atmosphere Dynamics and Climate Chair: Johan Nilsson
    Introduction to Bolin Centre Research Area 1 Rodrigo Caballero
    • How much CO2 can the ocean take up? Malin Ödalen
    • The role of water vapour in Arctic climate variability Cian Woods
    • Let the great world spin: Earth’s rotation and glacial meltwater in Antarctica Liam Brannigan
    • The role of resolution in modelling the South Asian Monsoon Shiyu Wang
10.15–10.20 | Mentoring programme at the Bolin Centre Agatha de Boer &  Malin Kylander
10.20–10.45 | Fika
With poster preview, booths with the database, modelling and mentoring coordinators and puzzles
10.45–11.45 | Clouds, Aerosols, Turbulence and Climate Chair: Annica Ekman
    Introduction to Bolin Centre Research Area 2 Annica Ekman & Ilona Riipinen
    • Studies of South Asian Aerosols using Carbon isotopes Srinivas Bikkina
    • Clouds, warm air and a climate cooling signal over the summer Arctic? Joseph Sedlar
    • On the impact of entrainment on cloud droplet formation Daniel Partridge
    • Rethinking the importance of water-affinity for calculating the climate effects of organic aerosol Ilona Riipinen
11.45–13.00 | Lunch with sandwiches
With poster preview, booths with the database, modelling and mentoring coordinators and puzzles
13.00–14.00 | Hydrosphere, Cryosphere and Climate

Chair: Margareta Hansson & Magnus Mörth
    • Introduction to Bolin Centre Research Area 3 Margareta Hansson & Magnus Mörth
    • Freshwater change in the Arctic Arvid Bring
    • Permafrost at the Last Glacial Maximum Amelie Lindgren
    • Level changes of Lake Babati, Tanzania René Mbanguka
    • Unraveling sources and fates of stream DIC across large spatial scales with a stable isotopic approach Audrey Campeau
14.00–14.30 | Fika
With poster preview, booths with the database, modelling and mentoring coordinators and puzzles
14.30–15.30 | Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate Chair: Christian Beer
    Introduction to Bolin Centre Research Area 4 Christian Beer
    • Carbon trace gas dynamics in three subarctic lakes in winter and spring Joachim Jansen
    • Large-scale modelling of carbon cycling on the East Siberian Arctic Shelf Erik Gustafsson
    • Update on long-term studies of carbon cycling in the East Siberian Arctic Ocean Örjan Gustafsson
15.30–16.00 | Invited talk
ICOS – Open data on long-term greenhouse gas observations across Europe
Chair: Nina Kirchner
Maj-Lena Linderson
16.00 | PICO Poster Presentation Madness & Poster Competition
With refreshments and Bolin Centre give-aways
Chair: Alasdair Skelton


Thursday, November 17

De Geer room and foyer, Y23, Nordenskiöld foyer, Lunchroom at level 4 and the Geopub at U1, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

09.00–09.15 | Welcome to the Bolin Days

Alasdair Skelton &
Nina Kirchner

09.15–10.15 | Historical to Millennial Climate Variability
Chair: Qiong Zhang
    Introduction to Bolin Centre Research Area 5 Qiong Zhang
    • Linking Lake Extent Changes to Climate and Human Activity in Basotu, Tanzania  Linsdsey Higgins
    • Precise linking of late Quaternary palaeoclimate records in the North Atlantic region using volcanic ash layers  Stefan Wastegård
    • A mid-Holocene high carbon accumulation event driven by mineral dust fertilization  Malin Kylander
    • Climate and vegetation interactions in Europe  Gustav Sandberg
10.15–10.45 | Fika
In the de Geer foyer
10.45–11.45 | Deep Time Climate Variability Chair: Margret Steinthorsdottir
    Introduction to Bolin Centre Research Area 6  Margret Steinthorsdottir
    • North Atlantic overturning at the opening of the Cenozoic ice house?  Helen Coxall
    • Modelling the meridional overturning circulation in the Late Eocene  David Hutchinson
    • Climate before the end-Permian mass extinction Steve McLoughlin
    • Snowball Earth – conflicting evidence from Scotland Alasdair Skelton
11.45–12.45 | SWERUS-C3 Photo Exhibition
with lunch sandwiches in the Nordenskiöld foyer
Örjan Gustafsson & Martin Jakobsson
12.45–13.45 | Landscape Processes and Climate

Chair: Zahra Kalantari
    Introduction to Bolin Centre Research Area 7 Regina Lindborg
    • Co-evolution of landscapes and water Steve Lyon
    • Modelling forest microclimate Caroline Greiser
    • Potential and realized demand and supply of ecosystem services: Local climate and flood regulation Romain Goldenberg
    • Drought tolerant species dominate as rainfall and tree cover returns in the West African Sahel Lowe Börjeson
13.45–14.15 | Fika
at the SWERUS photo exhibition in the Nordenskiöld foyer
14.15–15.15 | Biodiversity and Climate Chair: Sara Cousins
    Introduction to Bolin Centre Research Area 8 Johan Ehrlén
    • Using natural history collections in ecological research: Detecting the effects of landscape and climate change on bat morphology Heather Wood
    • Temperature and plant-insect interactions Elsa Fogelström
    • Future challenges in assessing the effects of climate on biodiversity Sara Cousins
15.15–15.30 | Leg stretcher
with some coffee & tea in the De Geer foyer
15.30–16.30 | Climate Research School Session Chair: Björn Gunnarson
    Introduction to the Bolin Centre Climate Research School Björn Gunnarson
    • Does seawater chemistry control ikaite formation in Ikka Fjord, southwest Greenland? Elin Tolllefsen
    • Landscape-level soil profile inventories of soil organic matter in northern Fennoscandia Juri Palmtag
    • Palaeo-environmental evolution in Lake Lúngue, southern Mozambique, during the last 1400 years Sandra Sitoe
    • Sedimentation processes in the Selenga River delta under changing hydroclimatic conditions Jan Pietron
16.30 | Closing remarks Nina Kirchner &
Alasdair Skelton
16.45 | Refreshments
At the SWERUS-C3 Photo Exhibition in the Nordenskiöld foyer
17.30 | Dinner, presentation of poster competition winner & pub with live music
At the lunchroom at level 4 and U1


If you are not a member of the Bolin Centre and want to join us, you are most welcome!
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