Welcome to the Bolin Days 2017!

Welcome to the 2017 Bolin Days! In addition to sessions hosted by each of our eight research areas, we welcome you to special sessions held by our new External Science Advisory Group members and with a focus on collaboration with the Human Science Academic Area. There will be a poster competition for PhD students, and you will have the opportunity of meeting with our database team as well as learning more about our mentoring scheme. Finally, welcome to our annual dinner followed by a ceilidh dance with live music.

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Wednesday, November 22

De Geer room and foyer, Y20, Y21 and Y23, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

08.45–09.00 | Welcome to the Bolin Day
Alasdair Skelton &
Nina Kirchner
09.00–10.00 | RA8 Biodiversity and climate

Sara Cousins

    • Genetic variation in seasonal adaptations along latitudinal
and altitudinal clines in a butterfly

Olle Lindestad

    • Land use changes and their influence on tree growth
in the Stockholm region

Eva Rocha

    • Climate, life-history and a multitrophic food web on oak

Ayco Tack

    • The effects of temperature on the synchrony of species interactions

Karl Gotthard

10.00–10.30 | Fika with database helpdesk, mentoring and modelling coordinators and poster preview  
10.30–11.30 | RA7 Landscape processes and climate
Zahra Kalantari
    • Climate and land use effects on species interactions Bodil Elmhagen
    • Coastal blue carbon sequestration: Driving processes
in seagrass-dominated landscapes
Martin Gullström
    • Environmental monitoring and model-based maps:
Examples from NILS (National Inventory of Landscapes in Sweden)
and NFI (The Swedish National Forest Inventory)
Henrik Hedenås
    • Presentations of new projects funded by RA7 Line Gordon, Stefano Manzoni, Jerker Jarsjö
& Ayco Tack
11.30–12.30 | RA6 Deep time climate variability

Helen Coxall &
Margret Steinthorsdottir 
    • Did the uplift of the Al Hajar Mountains in NE Arabia influence
the Somalia Jet?
Reuben Hansman
    • Putting the ’hot’ in ’hothouse’: The evolution of fire-adapted plants during an extreme global greenhouse event Chris Mays
    • Variable elemental composition of organic material
and its effect on oceanic CO2 storage in paleoclimate modelling
Malin Ödalen
12.30–13.30 | Lunch with sandwiches  
13.30–14.30 | RA5 Historical to millennial climate variability Qiong Zhang
    • RA5 overview Malin Kylander
    • Summer temperature and drought co-variability across Europe since 850 CE Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist
    • Last Interglacial temperature variability in northern Fennoscandia
– insights from subfossil chironomids
Anna Plikk
    • Holocene development of subarctic permafrost peatlands
in Finnmark, northern Norway
Britta Sannel
    • 3D seismic data acquired for oil and gas exploration used
to interpret environmental change over Quaternary timescales
Malin Kylander
14.30–15.30 | Collaborative projects with the Human Science Academic Areas Nina Kirchner
    • Governing the climate-energy nexus: institutional complexity,
legitimacy and effectiveness
Naghmeh Nasiritousi
    • The Environmental State Andreas Duit
    • Media and Transnational Climate Justice: Indigenous Activism
and Climate Politics
Anna Roosvall
    • Deep Time – Deep Waters – Thinking through millenial Sea Level Change Arvid Bring  & Christina Fredengren
15.30– | PICO Poster presentations followed by Poster competition
Refreshments for purchase and Bolin Centre give-aways
Alasdair Skelton


Thursday, November 23

De Geer room and foyer, Y20, Y21 and Y23, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

08.45–09.45 | RA4 Biogeochemical cycles and climate
Christian Beer
    • RA4 achievements and outlook Volker Brüchert
    • Cryoturbation and its interaction with the carbon cycle Juri Palmtag
    • Modeling climate warming-induced hydrate dissociation
and seafloor methane gas escape
Christian Stranne
    • Non-Redfieldian dynamics explain pCO2 drawdown in the Gulf of Bothnia Filippa Fransner
09.45–10.00 | Bolin Database Rezwan Mohammad
&  Anders Moberg
10.00–10.30 | Fika with database helpdesk, mentoring and modelling coordinators and poster preview  
10.30–11.30   ESAG External Science Advisory Group of the Bolin Centre Nina Kirchner
    • Amplified warming over the Third Pole (TP) and its impact
on the TP environment
Deliang Cheng
    • Atmospheric dynamics of tide-locked exoplanets Ray Pierrehumbert
    • The role of forests in the climate system Anders Lindroth
    • Impacts of climate change on wild species Camille Parmesan
    • Abrupt climate changes of the past:
What came first, sea ice or temperature change?
Eystein Jansen
    • Ocean carbon uptake as the earth entered the Last Ice Age Karen Kohfeld
    • Mountain shape effects on metapopulation range dynamics
under climate change
Andrea Rinaldo
11.30–12.30 | RA2 Clouds, aerosols, turbulence and climate Matthew Salter & Frida Bender
    • How much is actually a percentage change in snow albedo
due to light absorbing impurities and is it relevant for climate?
Johan Ström
    • How do temperature inversions control aerosol vertical distribution
in the Arctic?
Abhay Devasthale
    • Improving the representation of vertical velocity in climate models Anna Fitch
    • Quantifying the influence of organic surfactants on cloud micro-physics
using a compressed film interfacial mechanism
Samuel Lowe
12.30–13.30 | Lunch with sandwiches  
13.30–14.30 | RA1 Oceans-atmosphere dynamics and climate Agatha de Boer
    • RA1 introduction Johan Nilsson
    • How do mountain ranges influence atmospheric flow? Kerstin Hartung
    • Weather Extremes in the North Atlantic Region Gabriele Messori
    • Novel acoustics techniques to study staircase-like structures
of temperature and salinity in the Arctic Ocean
Christian Stranne
14.30–15.30 | RA3 Hydrosphere, cryosphere and climate

Arvid Bring & Anne Soerense
    • C3S European Water and Global services on climate change impact,
and recent model inter-comparison studies
Christiana Photiadou
    • Hydrological transport forecasting Sofie Soltani
    • Repeated advance and retreat of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet
during the early Pliocene warm period
Benedict Reinardy
15.30– 15.45 | Monitoring in Stordalen and the Carbon cycle Magnus Augner,
15.45 | Closing remarks
Presentation of Poster competition winners
Alasdair Skelton & Nina Kirchner
16.00 | Refreshments
and opening of Bolin Centre Photo Exhibition
17.00 | Dinner followed by pub and Ceilidh with live music  


If you are not a member of the Bolin Centre and want to join us, you are most welcome!
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