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The host is Research Area 2: Clouds, aerosols, turbulence and climate

Aerosol-cloud interactions in the Arctic – Recent results from our observations on Svalbard and the high Arctic

Speaker: Paul Zieger, Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry | ACES, Stockholm University
Time: March 15 at 13h00–14h00
Place: Ahlmannsalen, Geoscience Building

The Arctic experiences dramatic changes due to climate warming. The underlying processes of the observed changes are not fully understood, yet they propagate through the entire global climate system with impacts on weather, ecosystems and geopolitics. Aerosol particles and clouds play a major role in that system and are among the main contributors to the overall uncertainties. At the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry at Stockholm University we are using various in-situ techniques to study the properties of aerosols and clouds. In particular, we are using a counterflow virtual impactor inlet which is able to separate activated from non-activated particles and thus allows to study the microphysical and chemical properties of cloud condensation nuclei in high detail. In my talk, I will present results from our observations at Zeppelin observatory on Spitsbergen as well as recent results from the ‘Arctic Ocean 2018’ expedition to the high Arctic on board the Swedish icebreaker Oden.

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