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The host is Research Area 3: Hydrosphere, Cryosphere and Climate

Terrestrial moisture recycling: a land-atmosphere process with governance appeal

Speaker: Lan Wang Erlandsson, Stockholm Resilience, Stockholm University
Time: March 27 at 13h00–14h00
Place: Ahlmannsalen, Geoscience Building

A large portion of evaporation, interception and transpiration from land comes down again as precipitation over land. This atmospheric part of the water cycle referred to as terrestrial moisture recycling is, thus, a land-atmosphere interaction process that allows land management decisions to influence precipitation, with further knock-on implications for downwind land and water resources. For example, deforestation – through reduced rainfall –  may result in drought-related self-amplified forest loss, changes in river flows, and crop failure.
These insights have piqued the interests from researchers and practitioners working with resource management and governance: Should the moisture from forest be considered an ecosystem service? Should the moisture transfer between countries be regulated and governed? In the latest UN Water report, moisture recycling was also labelled a “natural-based solution”. At the same time, it is clear that the complex links between land-use change and rainfall go beyond moisture recycling.
This lecture aims to give a brief overview of the branch of moisture recycling research that crossed over from the climate and hydrology science communities, to appeal to social science disciplines. I also view this lecture as an opportunity for a broader conversation on the challenges and dilemmas of translating biophysical insights to useful tools in management and governance.

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