RA8-workshop January 29–30 and seed money for 2019

It is now time to sign up for the RA8-workshop
at Tovetorp January 29–30 2019

Research station at Tovetorp. Photo: Dept. of Zoology
Sign up by replying to Johan Ehrlén, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by January 15th at the latest. Please also provide a tentative title for your presentation. We also need to know if you have any special food requirements.

The meeting will consist of three main parts: inspirational presentations by two invited external speakers (see below)  presentations of ongoing research by members of RA8 with plenty of time for feedback, and discussions (partly in groups). We invite you to send in topics for discussion.

The workshop is planned to run from lunch 29 January to lunch 30 January. It will be held at the research station Tovetorp, situated approximately 100 km south of Stockholm.

Invited speakers:
Dr Lesley Lancaster (University of Aberdeen)

Dr Signe Normand (Aarhus university)

Seed money for 2019

RA8 have 400 000 SEK to support smaller/pilot projects, workshops, equipment, field work, conference participation, etc.

Application for “Seed money” should be submitted to all RA8-leaders before 11th of January , 2019.

Our aim is to support as many good ideas as possible and we thus expect applications for funding of maximum 50 000 SEK.

Applications should be one A4-page and outline the planned activities, their relevance to biodiversity and climate, as well as their potential long-term importance.

For applications, we expect only information related to CV and publications of the applicant(s) that is directly relevant to the applied project.

Applications will be evaluated based on the scientific quality of project, the relevance of project to RA8 (i.e., to the field of biodiversity and climate as defined by the research area description), the urgency of collecting data this year, and lack of other funding.

We welcome applications from members of RA8, where the main applicant is an employee at SU, KTH or SMHI.

Welcome to Tovetorp and with your application!

Sara Cousins, Dept. of Physical Geography, Stockholm University

Karl Gotthard, Dept. of Zoology, Stockholm University                   

Johan Ehrlén, Dept. of Ecology, Environment and Plant sciences, Stockholm University

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