RA6 news and 2019 funding call

RA6 is the research area dealing with deep time climates, including tectonic and orbital scale climate variability. This broadly covers pre- Holocene back through geological time to the depths of the Neoproterozoic. We welcome researchers involved with making observations on (including developing climate proxies), or modelling climate and environments from the geological past. If there’s anyone new in your research group please encourage them to join.

Our 2019 RA6 funding call is now open!

We welcome applications for small grants to assist with research, including conference attendance, fieldwork, publication costs, inviting collaborators, workshops, pilot studies or outreach projects. Typically grants are up to 50 000 SEK, but larger sums may be possible.

To apply, send a written proposal in the form of a letter addressed to the RA6 co-leaders, Helen Coxall (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Margret Steinthorsdottir (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


  • A title
  • An outline of the research/activity
  • It’s link to RA6 deep time themes
  • Your career stage and affiliation
  • A budget

A condition of getting support from RA6 is that (i) the money is transferred and or invoices submitted as soon as possible (by November 2019) and (ii) you contribute to the Bolin Days conference at some point (November each year). Therefore, please include a statement saying that you are happy to do this.

Benefits of engaging with RA6 and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research

There are lots of other benefits, besides funding, of engaging with RA6: new opportunities to collaborate, a supportive, interested wider community and opportunities to publicize your research. Plus it looks good on your CV!

RA6 recent and upcoming activities

In the past 2 years we have focused on international workshops on the Eocene Oligocene Transition, the Miocene and have a second Miocene climates workshop (MioMeet) coming up in June (3rd–5th) here in Stockholm.

We have supported fieldwork e.g. in Peru, Utah, and Antarctica, funded numerous seed projects and conference attendance.

The latest outreach activity is an experimental fusion of music and geology in the form of ‘Striations’ to be performed by ‘Stevon and the Colour Collection’ at the Geopub (U1) on Friday this week (22nd February, 6.30 pm) here at Stockholm IGV.

Please join us if you can. Listen, watch and help these artists develop their work with deeper perspectives from geologists and climate scientists!

Info and sign up:  https://www.su.se/geo/english/about-us/news/geologklubben-geopub-1.425467

Last but not least, we hope to have an informal, local science get-together very soon where we can share what we are all up to and discuss ideas for the future.   

Helen and Margret
(RA6 co-leaders)

Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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