MioMeet 2019

RA6 and RA1 of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research, in collaboration with the Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM), are pleased to announce an upcoming conference on Miocene climate: MioMeet 2019, to be held June 3–5.

See more about the intricacies of Miocene climate here: www.nrm.se/miocene2019

The meeting schedule is now available here.

Venue: De Geersalen, Stockholm University

Registration for this meeting is now closed, however, all are welcome to listen to the talks.

MioMeet 2019 brings together >50 international researchers, including ten invited speakers (financed with a VR conference grant to NRM), with varied expertise in paleoclimate research – including marine and terrestrial temperature and CO2 proxies, paleobiota and evolution, as well as climate, atmospheric, ocean and ice sheet modelling.

All the best,
Margret, Helen and Agatha (RA6 and RA1 co-leaders)

Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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