RA5 public seminars

RA5 is organising several seminars during May and June.

You are warmly welcome.

RA5 public seminars:

09 May, 13.00–13.45, Högbomsalen
How well do reanalyses represent the African precipitation, Qiong Zhang, Stockholm University

14 May, 13.00–13.45, William-Olssonsalen
Temperature and hydroclimate variations during the last millennium, Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Stockholm University

20 May, 13.00–13.45, Högbomsalen
What can we learn from rapid climate shifts during the late glacial? Frederik Schenk, Stockholm University

23 May, 13.00–13.45, Högbomsalen
The impact of solar and volcanic forcing investigated in model-data climate reconstructions of seasonal resolution, Jesper Sjolte, Lund University

28 May, 13.00–13.45, Högbomsalen
Half the world's population already experiences a climate 1.5°C warmer than preindustrial, Chris Brierley, University College London, UK

03 June, 10.00–10.45, Högbomsalen
Orbit-controlled millennial scale climate resonances, Xu Zhang, Lanzhou University, China

05 June, 13.00–13.45, Ahlmannsalen
Examining El Niño in the past: towards a data-model consensus, Zhengyao Lu, Lund University

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