Historical to millennial climate variability

Research area 5

We reconstruct past climate evolution by investigating natural records such as marine, lake and terrestrial sediment cores, ice cores, cave deposits, tree rings, landforms and historical documents. By developing appropriate statistical methods and comparing with climate model simulations, we aim to better understand and interpret past climate variability on historical and millennial time scales.
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Photo: Ludvig Löwemark

This research area brings together physical geographers, geologists, climate modelers, statisticians, historians and other scientists to study climate variability since the last ice age and into the Quaternary. Past climate evolution is seen from archives such as ocean, lake and terrestrial sediment cores, landforms, ice cores, cave deposits, tree rings, and historical documents. Through the analysis of proxies in these archives we can acquire information about past climate variability. This data can then be analysed statistically to produce quantitative climate reconstructions. Meanwhile, climate models are applied to simulate past climate and explore the mechanisms of climate change and climate variability, which gives confidence in our ability to project future climate change.


Research Area 5 Co-Leader
Malin Kylander
Senior Lecturer in Chemical Sedimentology

Department of Geological Sciences (IGV)
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm

Tel. +46 8 674 78 98
Malin Kylander, Bolin Centre, Photo: Eva Dalin

Research Area 5 Co-Leader
Frederik Schenk
Researcher, Paleoclimate Modeling and Statistics

Department of Geological Sciences (IGV)
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Department of Mechanics and Linné FLOW Centre at KTH

Tel. +46 8 16 47 41
Frederik Schenk, IGV | Bolin Centre
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